Cultivating a Life of Gratitude

I am committing myself, during 2010, to attempt to cultivate a greater awareness of how much I have to be thankful and grateful for by sharing my daily findings and musings with you. It is my hope that by blogging about gratitude, I will be more aware of what is going on around me in my life, my family, my friends' lives and our world.

February 16, 2011


E-man has quite the vocabulary going and he puts together quite complex sentences for being only 2.5 (at least I think so :)).  I'm thankful for all of the many smiles these words bring to me as he expresses his thoughts about life.  Here are just a few from the past few days.

My Mom took him to McDonald's last night for dinner while I taught a few piano lessons.  Earlier in the day, he and I had talked about going to the play land to get some wiggles out.  They ended up at a McDonald's without a play land and the boy has NOT stopped saying "Sorry about that Gamma.  We went to the wrong Old McDonald's.  Sorry about that!"  (Totally not his fault but so funny!) He has continued to apologize to ME about it even after I brought him to the play land.

While playing in the tubes at McDonald's he kept running in and out and saying to me "I'm going to my workshop now!"  (runs into tubes) (runs out) "My workshop is broken." (Me - go fix it bud!)  (Run back to tubes and then back out again) "I fixed my workshop!"  (I THINK this has to do with Psalty and his worship workshop but that's just a guess.)

He also said this to my Mom last night at dinner and then to me while we were having a tea party and then later at lunch today ... "How's your day going Mama?"  (Melt my heart!)

We were out walking today (yes, outside - PTL!) and he dropped a goldfish cracker on the street and was quite upset about it.  I told him the birds were happy and would eat it up and about 2 hours later in the car he brought up how his goldfish was being eaten by the birds.  "Mama, my goldfish eat by the birds" yes babe ... it's (most likely) true.

And the Ross Manders quote on Valentine's Day ... keep in mind, I was in the bathroom and he was in a different room.  "Mama?"  "Yes E?"  "You love my daddy?"  "Yes buddy, I do, very much!"  "Mama, you love Ross Robert?!"  (Me trying not to giggle) "Oh yes - I love Ross Robert!"  See what I mean?!  He's great.  His little mind is ALWAYS going and you never quite know what's going to come out next.

This morning, at 6:30 a.m., the first thing out of his mouth when he woke up was "Mama, I like your necklace."  (Clearly, I did not have a necklace on as we were both waking up in our PJs in our bed - yes - he slept with me last night.) I'm pretty sure he was talking about the necklace Ross and him gave to me for Valentine's Day but it was so funny - the VERY FIRST thing in the morning.


  1. It's great that you're journaling this. You'll especially enjoy it years from now. I think your son is adorable and you're doing a great job parenting him.

  2. this post is so cute I really am speechless. Love you, E!