Cultivating a Life of Gratitude

I am committing myself, during 2010, to attempt to cultivate a greater awareness of how much I have to be thankful and grateful for by sharing my daily findings and musings with you. It is my hope that by blogging about gratitude, I will be more aware of what is going on around me in my life, my family, my friends' lives and our world.

July 7, 2010

Wedding Season

I forgot to blog yesterday and there is a good reason.

It is wedding season in our family!  Josh and Ann are right around the 50 day count down with lots to do.  Ross and I are happy to help and lately that has included helping them assemble their beautiful invitations.  They have been working with Print Central and The Paper Depot and doing it themselves.  The end product looks SO good!  We started work on them last Wednesday night.  On the 4th, I started addressing the invites for the Ridder-side of the list.  On the 5th I finished addressing all but the last 3 or 4 we're still figuring out addresses for ... and on the 6th Josh, Ann, Ross and I finished assembling them and I even sealed all of the ones that are complete ... now it's just a matter of stamping and off they go!  How exciting!

I'm thankful to be living close to Josh and Ann during this season of their life.  It's fun to be together working on these kinds of projects and it is making me REALLY look forward to celebrating their wedding day with them!  WOOHOO!  :)

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