Cultivating a Life of Gratitude

I am committing myself, during 2010, to attempt to cultivate a greater awareness of how much I have to be thankful and grateful for by sharing my daily findings and musings with you. It is my hope that by blogging about gratitude, I will be more aware of what is going on around me in my life, my family, my friends' lives and our world.

October 27, 2010


Today we visited the allergist.  Last year around this time, we were discovering things that caused E-man to break out in hives (like egg whites, peanut butter and penicillin).  We had a check up with our friendly doctor today and we didn't re-do the skin testing but she did say to keep an eye on things and try to avoid the nuts as much as possible.  E  also got his flu shot with not even a tear, frown or scowl [grateful]. The child impresses me when he gets a shot - I think I flinch more than he does!

This evening, Ross and E-man joined me for my piano lesson with our niece, Adrienne and then they continued on with me to choir practice.  Ross thought he'd have fun singing along and joining the choir this coming Sunday and all of the wonderful people at Park Free are always asking when Ross and E-man will be with me.  After Ade's lesson, on our way out the door at Pam and Chad's, Pam offered us all a piece of candy.  When we got in the car, I asked Ross what he let E-man have and he said 'a snickers' and I said - REALLY!??! (GASP! PEANUTS!) Of course, on the DAY we visit the allergist, E-man has a peanut containing candy.  Well - my grateful moment is we have not had to use the epi pen yet tonight and I don't think we will ... he didn't seem to react even a tiny bit.  He has been happy, playful and hive-free and right now he's peacefully sleeping.  Perhaps this will turn into a bigger grateful moment when we discover he has outgrown his reaction to peanut butter!  I would be one thankful mama (because I really like peanut butter and feel bad when he asks for some and I have to say 'no, you can't because you're allergic').  Here's hoping!

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