Cultivating a Life of Gratitude

I am committing myself, during 2010, to attempt to cultivate a greater awareness of how much I have to be thankful and grateful for by sharing my daily findings and musings with you. It is my hope that by blogging about gratitude, I will be more aware of what is going on around me in my life, my family, my friends' lives and our world.

March 17, 2010

Grilling Leprechauns

I couldn't resist the title.  I know - I have a sick sense of humor at times.

Tonight we will be grilling chicken which is marinading in Trader Joe's Island Soyaki marinade.  We used the grill on Monday night for brats and dogs.  I can't wait to taste my first grilled chicken of the season!  I am grateful for whoever invented the modern grill.  Grilling is one of those smells that conjures up lots of happy memories for me.

Since it is St. Patrick's Day - happy St. Patty's day to all of you who are Irish - I thought I'd share a favorite grade school memory of this holiday.  I grew up going to Chancellor Street Elementary School for Kindergarten and first grade.  It was an old school built many years ago (trying to come up with the date - no luck - just know Newtown existed back in the day's of George Washington crossing the Delaware River to win the battle of Trenton).  The building has many of the charms of an old building/school house with a twisting, circular stairway in a tower and old vents/grates, dark waxed wood floors, etc.  My first grade teacher, Mrs. Cojerian and the other favorite first grade teacher Mrs. Black totally had us all on the look out for leprechauns.  You see,  leprechauns would sneak in during recess and sprinkle gold dust every where and leave messages on our chalk boards or hiding in someone's desk.  I believe the Leprechauns even spoke over the loud system and we made leprechaun traps and the whole bit, trying to catch one for several days leading up to March 17th.  They are sneaky little guys though, and we never did manage to catch one.  Can you imagine what fun those teachers had coming up with these great treats for our imaginations?! What a great memory!    I was blessed with so many fabulous teachers in the Council Rock district.  I will never forget them and the way they helped me love learning!

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  1. Mrs. Black was my teacher, and I was just reminiscing about this on my way to work! The leprechaun traps were baited with potatoes, and we also got some pieces of fools gold left mysteriously in our desk. I remember following little green painted footprints all over the playground, trying to find a leprechaun hiding in the hedges somewhere. I think because of Mrs. Black, there's still a part of me that was expecting to find fool's gold on my desk this morning. :)